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2018 Reflections.

This post began with the title New Year Intentions and ended up the title 2018 reflections, although ramblings may be more apt!

It has been a funny old year, 2018.

It seems like not much has changed looking from the outside, but looks can be deceiving.

This year has seen many changes for me on the inside. I seem to have relaxed a lot more and not put so much pressure on myself.

I am doing my own thing more and more, not worrying what people will think and it feels great, I’m not sure if that is an age thing, a mum thing, I don’t know, but I’m enjoying it!

Although there areso many things that still need my focus on the inside (low self esteem/self acceptance I’m looking at you!)

The focus has been on slowing down.

Not that I lived a fast paced lifestyle before, it just seems like I have scaled down how we spend our time and are definitely focusing on quality over quantity in all areas of our life.

I feel this year I have came back into ‘myself’ more and more.

Since having Arthur, I have suffered a bit with depression, especially in the early days and looking back it all came down to self care.

Mandala making, one of my favourite ways to relax, and get ‘me time’ especially if I can make them in the woods!

I wasn’t looking after myself, I felt like my freedom had been taken away and I felt a little lost….this year I feel I have managed to bridge the gap. Although in 2019 self care needs to be an ongoing focus for me.

One major turning point for me was giving myself the space to be creative.

I’ve had my Instagram account a little over a year now and this helped massively. It provided me with a space to connect with like minded people, a place to share my crafts, fun with our wooden toys and our outdoor adventures.

I have made time in nature a huge focus for our family this year. It has been a key element for my mental health.

It helps that Arthur absolutely loves to be outside in the woods and the forest. Ollie comes along a little more reluctantly sometimes! Haha!

I have found my way back into a spiritual practice again this year. My practice was something that was very important to me before Arthur came along, and it kind of got pushed to one side. Again is has been about setting that time aside, whether I meditate, do spell-work, or work on my vision board I have created a little time and space to allow me to do that. If that time turns into Netflix and knitting some nights then so be it!

I also have taken steps to follow/ learn Shamanism which I am really looking forward to in 2019. (There are a couple of previous blog posts on shamanism)

My space just to be/ create/ write etc.

Another major thing this year that has had a huge positive impact is decluttering. This has brought about changes for the better and also made me so aware of how I spend my money. Now I’m not sure if I can call myself a minimalist but I’m very close! (Blame ALL the toys and books!)

My favourite decluttering book EVER

We have made many changes to live a more sustainable lifestyle this year. At the time they all seemed like really tiny changes (not enough) but as I look back at them all now, collectively I can see that we are making a change and it is amazing how they all add up. I can’t wait to keep that going, well, forever!

We have had lots of adventures in our Motorhome this year and that’s definitely something we are planning more of in the New Year. Our motorhome is one physical thing I treasure most. It seems like adventure isn’t far away when I can see it parked up waiting for us!

My next post will be coming very soon…New Year Intentions ❤️

Thank you for reading,

Amy ❤️

Magic Biscuits

This is a simple little post, but one I thought may be nice to share with you all.

I love finding little always to incorporate magic into the kids lives.

One of my favourite ways is to make magic biscuits.

This is so simple but is a really lovely activity to do together that feels a little bit magical.

For me it’s a little addition to my bag of tricks that can be pulled out when we need a little sparkle and enchantment.

It’s Christmas so we will be making gingerbread for these ones and they will be shared as part of our Solstice celebrations.

You can adapt this for any baking you wish to do. Also they don’t need to be so unhealthy like these! You could make crackers etc for packed lunches.

All you will need, apart from your recipie and ingredients is some clean jars and some supplies to make magical labels for your jars.

I just used some paper tags.

Label up your jars however you wish……a dash of love, a dose of luck, a pinch of happiness etc.

You can also use confidence, bravery for kids in times when they are worrying/ anxious about something. Maybe before an important event, first day at school etc.

I prepare all the ingredients in the jars, out of sight from the kids, and have them all ready when we begin. It makes baking with kids that little bit tidier and more efficient, especially if they are pre weighed in the jars too, so they can just be tipped into the bowl. Win!!

It’s a lovely way to connect and take their mind off things (especially good for older kids).

We don’t always bake such sickly sugary biscuits, but we got a bit carried away with these….

Decorated by Arthur 2 years old ❤️

I hope you enjoyed this little post.

Thank you for reading!

Amy ❤️