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Bloom and Nora Review

I was absolutely delighted to work with Bloom and Nora for their latest print launch.

Reusable Cloth Sanitary pads are a small personal change to make but it has massive benefits for the environment. The average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, party-liners, and tampons in her lifetime, that is a lot of waste. Not only are they better for the environment they are better for your body.

Conventional disposable products can contain plastics, artificial fragrances, adhesives, and chemical gels – things you don’t want next to one of the most sensitive parts of your body! Cloth menstrual pads are free from irritating materials, so you can avoid unnecessary exposure to the synthetic ingredients in disposable pads and tampons.

These beauties arrived just a day before we headed to Copenhagen. Mother Nature is usually a little mean to me, every time we head off on a little adventure, my period will arrive, especially if we are staying in a yurt with limited toilet facilities……so I was expecting to be using these pretty soon. I didn’t mind so much this time though, I was excited!

About Bloom and Nora

Ethically made right here in the UK by our dear sister, TotsBots. Inspired by Amelia Bloomer, the early American feminist, fierce advocate and supporter of the Victorian Dress Reform; we too are encouraging women to have a cycle in comfort and style.

Bloom & Nora. Quality and environmentally friendly cloth pads that enable you to have a cycle in style. No more irritations from harsh chemicals and they save you money too! Now that is positively period

As it happened, my period didn’t arrive in Copenhagen, yay! So luckily I was able to test them out in the comfort of my home.

Little disclaimer -I will always provide a completely honest review of anything I receive, also I don’t accept anything for review that I wouldn’t usually buy anyway.

I received the Bloomers Whole Kit

They arrived in the prettiest box. I couldn’t help but think how lovely it would be to receive a gift like this as a teenage girl just beginning mensuration. Imagine that!

The pack contained 2 Maxi pads, for heavy / overnight flow. 4 Midi pads for regular days and 4 Mini pads for lighter flow/days. Also included are 2 wet bags. A Bathroom Bag for storing/ washing pads and an Out and About bag for on the go.

My first impression was how soft they felt. I have used reusable sanitary pads before, and I’ll be honest haven’t got on with them too well in the past, preferring to use my menstrual cup, but when I felt these, they were so much softer and sturdier than other pads I had tried in the past.

I made Dan, my husband feel them as I took them from the box, gushing how soft they were..his words ‘Wow, there so soft, I want to try them!’ How’s that for a review?! Lol.

My period arrived first thing in the morning, thank you Mother Nature for good timing this month, I chose the Midi pad to begin with. I am pretty heavy at the start of my cycle, but I would be home all day and could change frequently if needed.

Oh I’ll tell you about the bags here, as they are amazing….

Firstly the Bathroom Bag.

This is really handy to have hanging in the bathroom to store your used pads, you can pop them in here throughout the day and just put them straight in the washing machine. I do a cloth nappy wash every 2-3 days (Arthur only wears the one at night now) so the pads were fine waiting to go in with a nappy wash.

The other bag is designed for on the go.

It is a game changer! It is separated into two compartments, you can carry your clean in one side, dirty in the other. It would easily hold 4 pads in total, so that’s all you would need for the day I would think.

So how do they feel?

I am absolutely delighted to tell you that they feel amazing. Sturdy seems a strange was to describe them, but they are, they stay in place perfectly. This is what has put me off other reusable sanitary pads, they don’t seem to stay still, making it uncomfortable to wear, but I was so impressed with these. You do need to wear a decent fitting pair of pants with these though, but if your anything like me you have those special ones reserved for period week, ha!

I found them comfortable to wear, the maxi size was just the right length, and it was 5 hours before I needed to change it, which I though was pretty good for the first heavy bleed.

I don’t tend to have a heavier flow at night time, but the extra length of the Mighty Pad is a bonus so I tried this one out overnight. The pad stayed in place and there was no leaks at all. I would be happy wearing this during the day too if needed.

After the first day I switched to the Midi pad and found this was my favourite. Again it was around 5 hours before I needed to change it.

I will say it again, they are soo soft. I didn’t used my menstrual cup so I could fully test these out and I found them really great to use the whole way through. At the end of my period I went with the mini pad, this was also comfy, but I definitely prefer the longer pad length of the Midi. This is completely down to personal preference though and the mini is actually great for those lighter days at the end of your period.

There is 8 pads in total in the full kit, I think I will purchase another 2 of the Midi and this will cover me for my whole period, with washing every 2/3 days.

I have an exclusive offer for you to purchase the Trial Kit

This is a fantastic way to begin using cloth pads, you can try them all out for comfort and fit before you invest in your favourite.

If you would like to try the kit, purchase using this link or use code BNEM10 at the checkout.

Here is useful link to the Bloom and Nora FAQs

I am always happy to answer any questions if you have any!

I hope this has been useful to you, thank you so much for reading,

Amy 💚

Natural Dye Cloths

Being eco and zero waste really shouldn’t be about buying more stuff, although it’s hard when you first start off on the journey to zero waste to not be pulled in. Of course there is so many great new things to try and at first it may seem like your buying one thing after another to replace items that have ran out. I try and stick to the famous slogan ‘Make do and Mend’. I am having fun at the moment trying to make everything from scratch.

I have been looking at pretty rolls of unpaper towels, but it’s something I don’t absolutely need, and I had a large stash of old muslin cloths lying around, so I thought I would give them a new lease of life with some natural plant dyes.

They look lovely in a basket, in easy reach, for all kinds of uses, napkins, mopping up spills etc. Anything you would have used paper kitchen roll for these can easily take over the job.

All you need is some old cloths, cut up muslins etc. You will need to pop a hem on them so they don’t fray.

Now to the dyes, I had every intention of making all the colours, but as you can see I got carried away with pinks and purples, all the colours are included below for you to try.

Natural dyes can be made from so many natural goodies, berries, leaves and flowers.

Here are some muslin cloths I dyed last year to use as play cloths, these were made using berries and avocado seeds.

Here are some produce bags I made using old muslins and tumeric and onion skins as a natural dye.

You can use most fabric, cotton, silk, wool and linen will take to dye well, other fabrics also, but the outcome may be lighter with synthetic fabrics.

Before you dye you fabric you will need to prep it. It’s really simple;

Firstly you will need to wash the fabric, leaving it wet. Now you need to prepare your fixative. This ensures the fabric will hold the dye more easily.

For berries salt is used, for any other plant material/powders white vinegar is used.

Measurements are as follows.

Salt: dissolve ½ cup salt in 8 cups cold water

Vinegar: Mix 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts cold water.

The fabric needs to soak in this mix for 1 hour. Rinse with cold water only, it’s now ready to be dyed.

A quick google of natural fabric dyes will have you inspired in no time, below I will include the dyes I have tried and tested with great results.

Beetroot – Bright Pink

Raspberries – Red/Pink Colour

Brown Onion – Brown/Orange

Tumeric – Yellow

Matcha Tea Powder – Green

Blueberries – Pinky Purple

Avocado skins and seeds – Peachy Pink

Red Cabbage – Purple

You can have so much fun with this and discover a variety of materials to play with.

A little word of warning before you begin. You may want to cover your work surfaces, wear gloves and use old pans. Obviously I’m adding this after I’ve created mess on a devastating scale and dyed everything, worktops, hands and pans!

Here is how to make the dye.

Place the natural material in a large pot/ pan.

Fill the pot with twice as much water as plant material.

Let this simmer for an hour or so, or until you see a nice dark color.

Strain the plant material and return the liquid to the pot.

Place your fabric in the dye and bring to a slow boil. Simmer for an hour or so, stirring occasionally.

Check your fabric, bearing in mind it will be lighter when it dries. The longer you leave it the darker it will go, so you could leave it to soak overnight if you wanted a really dark hue. All of mine were soaked for an hour, I’m impatient.

Take out your fabric and wash in cold water. The colour will run and fade slightly.

Dry as usual.

You should now have a stack of eco friendly, pretty reusable cloths! Yay! I hope you have enjoyed this, I’d love to know if you make some.

Thanks so much for reading,

Amy 💚