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DIY Bathbombs

I though I would share with you this simple recipe for making bath bombs, with a little added magic of course.

We love a good bath bomb here, but standard high street ones, while they look and smell amazing, can irritate my skin. These home made ones are completely non toxic.

This is a great activity to make with kids of all ages and these can be adapted for all kinds of occasions, they make lovely handmade gifts too, as always is another great example of learning through play.

Here is what you will need;

Make sure you weigh and measure all the ingredients out and have them to hand. I have included the weights but I always just go by cups.

225g baking soda (about 1 cup)

120g Citric Acid (about 1/2 cup) Wilko’s sell this in a box.

120g Salt. I love using Epsom and pink Himalayan, but sea salt will do just fine (about 1/2 cup)

120g cornflower  (about 3/4 cup)

2 Tbsp of oil choice. Olive oil and coconut oil are great choices and not too expensive, we went with coconut oil for these particular ones.

2 tsp rose water/ witch hazel (or just plain water) plus a little more if needed, we used witch hazel here.

If you would like to add a natural colour to your bath bombs, instead of plain water, you would use the water from a natural dye, which can be found in this simple tutorial here. The water left from berries/ plant material is what you would add.

Herbs/Essential Oils. Here you can use anything you like. Use around 30 drops of your chosen oils, you can also use chopped herbs/rose petals, or both! We used lavender oil and I picked a beautiful yellow rose that had the most delicious scent, I also added a few sage leaves, for cleansing.

Moulds – You can just use your hands to make them into a rounded shape, but it is more difficult. I am using round steel moulds (search bath bomb moulds on eBay!) but you will probably have something in your house you can use, silicone baking moulds even cupcake cases will do.

Finally a crystal of your choice, for the added magic….

How to make them.

1. In a large bowl mix together all the dry ingredients (baking soda, salt, citric acid, and corn powder)

2. In a small bowl, mix the oil, rose water/witch hazel/water and stir well. Add your essential oils here too.

3. Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients a tiny bit at a time. Use your hands to squeeze it all together, you may want to wear gloves if you have really sensitive skin. Here add your dried herbs if you are using them.

Add your magical crystal!

4. The Mixture should hold together well when squeezed without crumbling. To achieve this you may need to add a little more water, just a tiny bit at a time. I had a little spray bottle with lavender water, I used this to spray the mixture to spread the water evenly.

5. Your mixture is now ready to pop into the moulds. Press it in firmly and leave it for at least 24 hours, or until completely hard. You may need to check in on them and push back into moulds as it does expand a little.

6. When they are ready, yippee!! Take them out and store them in an airtight container, they look lovely in a big mason jar in the bathroom, they are best used within 2 weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed making these. There are lots of ways you can amend them.

Particular oil and crystal combinations can be used for different healing properties.

For self care/ love, rose quartz, lavender and rose petals make a beautiful combo.

They can be amended according to the season, Christmas could be eucalyptus and a beautiful red garnet, imagine summer, a happy bright citrine crystal and lemon oil for a refreshing summery soak.

I’d love to know if you make some, thank you so much for reading.

Amy 💚

One Day

One day this week, my day started of pretty bad.

I could blame Instagram, and the time it inevitably eats up, I could blame the fact that Arthur wasn’t feeling very well that week and was demanding my time more than usual. I could blame the mountain of washing on the kitchen floor also demanding my time, but here I am learning not to look for blame and be accountable

Arthur was playing with his toys in the playroom, the light was hitting the wall perfectly, ‘what a great picture’ I thought. So with pots still in the sink and beds unmade I spent the good part of 45 minutes sat on the playroom floor catching the perfect angle for a #shelfie picture! What has my life become?!

The ironic thing is I just ended up shutting the curtains, as the light was too glaring, and snapped a pic. Not a very good one at that. It was definitely one of those moments to enjoy with my eyes! Lesson learned (probably not!)

My time had been eaten up.

That day was one of those days, where anxiety was getting the better of me and my thoughts were going wild. I was procrastinating on everything that I needed to do.

In one of my earlier posts, I speak about my self care routine I hadn’t taken my own advice, I had let it slide.

I hadn’t written in my journal for longer than I cared to remember. I wasn’t really making time for myself to be creative. I was busy every evening making rainbows and knitting for my little business Enchanted Rainbows and while I loved this, I had taken on too much work, making it a little less enjoyable.

It’s all the little things that add up. All the things I don’t do for myself. I am starting to look at cleaning the house as an act of self care. As I was walking out of the house a few days ago, in a crazy rush I was leaving the breakfast pots, hoping Dan would wash them when he came home, thinking about how I loved the feeling of coming home and them being done. What didn’t I do this myself? For me?!

My monkey mind was taking over….where shall we go today? To the woods? Maybe not, Arthur wasn’t feeling well. We will just stay inside. That’s no good, I can’t stay inside all day and look at the house, there’s so many jobs that need doing. The kitchen needs painting for a start. I hate the floors. They need painting too. So many jobs. So much money. Thinking of money, I was supposed to be doing a no spend January? What’s the month now? APRIL?! Oh god I’m terrible. We would save some money if I actually get around to doing that meal plan, so we didn’t go over budget for shopping every month. Must do that tonight. I shouldn’t have spent so much time taking that stupid picture! Oh crap, I have parcels I need to post!

Cue manic rushing!

See how easy that is, for me anyway. Letting that monkey mind take over. Letting my thoughts take over. From one simple thought, leading to a downward spiral of should haves and must dos. Leaving me with a sense of failure and inadequacy. A path well trodden.

I stopped for a moment. I made the beds, I washed the pots, I wrapped the parcels. We got dressed and I put Arthur in the buggy and walked….

I had a bit of a Forrest Gump moment. I walked and I breathed in the fresh air. I focused on all of the things around me. The grass, the blue sky, the flowers. I literally stopped to smell the flowers. Breathe…. I relaxed. We watched the birds and the bumble bees buzzing. Ah! Nature, it does that to me, if I let it. That day I did. I gathered my thoughts. I was thankful for the awareness I could bring to them. Yes I had let my self care slide. Yes I needed to get more organised. This weekend, I will prioritise what I need to do.

We walked past woods, fields and made a detour through a Costa Coffee! I must sort that latte addiction out, but that’s for another day….

We walked 8 miles that day! Well I walked 8 miles, Arthur was quite content being pushed in the buggy, watching the world go by, in between naps.

Now making meal plans may not sound like a profound act of self care, but for me it is part of the puzzle. It makes my overall life easier. I am using this as my journal right now. I am on the right track.

Self care isn’t just bubble baths, sometimes it’s 8 mile walks with a poorly three year old, washing the pots before you leave the house, and making meal plans and budgets.

That’s my weekend sorted.

Hope you all have a lovely one!

Thank you for reading,

Amy ❤️

P.S I’d written this post last week and I have hesitated to post it, so here I am, Sunday morning hitting publish. I haven’t spent much time at all on social media this week (apart from a few moments to reply to messages) and I have to say what a difference it has made. It frees up so much TIME! Surely that is one of the most important things in the world. I need to find a balance between growing my Instagram, my little rainbow shop and my life! Work in progress ❤️

P.P.S Here is a really interesting article on procrastination Why procrastinating has nothing to do with self control.