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Zero Waste On The Go

With all this lovely weather and picnic season about to begin (although I’m up for a picnic anytime of the year) I thought I would share with you our most used zero waste items.

Not too long ago, while I may have been doing great at home, eating out and picnics with the kids were my downfall. One trip to the park could easily create a fair bit of waste.

Reusable coffee/ tea cup.

If you have read my latest post you will know I really love my takeaway coffee, but I really don’t like the takeaway cups they typically come in. A lot of takeaway coffee cups are difficult to recycle due to the plastic used to laminate the cups, leading to huge amounts of waste. A lot of coffee shops also offer 25p off for bringing your own too.

The takeaway cup that is my favourite is my Keep Cup. I like to drink my coffee right away, this one doesn’t keep it hot, which works for me! Gimme that coffee!

If I was driving for a while and making a coffee/tea to take with me I would use a Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap pictured below. The 16oz is the perfect size for me, a medium in most coffee shops.

If we are heading out for the day, into the woods, a Home Ed meet etc, I use the Klean Kanteen 20oz insulated bottle. This holds 2 cups of tea. Perfect! I have a little weakness for pretty enamel cups too, but I am going to use this one until it can’t hold my tea anymore, ha!

The Klean Kanteen cafe cap cups are amazing, and here are a few other game changing uses for them….. Fill them with ice cream, you can keep ice pops/ lollies in them, hot chocolate in cold afternoons, slush puppies, these are fab waste and money saving hacks that I have tried and tested!

Also, there’s not much that makes me happier than a lovely cup of tea, outdoors, with a beautiful view.

Reusable Bottles.

We each have our own water bottles. These are an essential for us and get used so much. The Klean Kanteen ones we use are so durable. I can imagine they most certainly will last forever! They come in insulated/ non insulated and lots of different sizes. The kids have their own and love finding places on the go to refill them. I honestly cannot remember the last time we had to buy a bottle of water.

This is Arthur’s, they are so durable, it doesn’t matter how many dents and scratches it gets, it works perfectly.

I also carry around a couple of reusable straws for us.

Food Containers.

Most of the time I will be well prepared for our day out/ picnic and take food with us. Food on the go can come in a lot of unnecessary packaging.

I have found the Elephant Box stainless steel tubs to be my favourite. Perfect for those little snacks. Most people I know will have plastic Tupperware in their cupboards, it’s always best to keep using what we have rather than buy brand new, although I’d love to replace all my plastic with these beauties eventually.

I always carry a few bits of cutlery too. You can but purpose made, eco friendly cutlery, especially designed for on the go zero waste. They are pretty, these lovely ones were a gift, but to be honest just grab what you already have!

On the days that making food at home to come with us is not an option, or I forget, or more than likely I’m not organised enough, I have a back up plan…I pop to the local bakers and buy sandwiches/ snacks/ tray bakes. I just take our containers and snack pouches and pop them straight in there. I always have a handy mesh bag with me incase I stop to grab some fruit too.

Reusable Wipes

I always have a little pouch of reusable wipes with me for sticky fingers/ spills. We keep them in this handy planet wise zip pouch. At the moment I am using the GroVia cloth wipes and these are my favourite. Honestly the switch to cloth wipes is so easy. A set of wipes is around £10, or even better, use fabric scraps you already have. I pop them in a small wet bag. Before I go out I just rinse them under the tap, squeeze off the excess water and in the bag they go. They stay nice and damp all day. Nothing fancy here, you could add oils etc if you wished but these always do the job for us.

All of these things pretty much covers us for a day out. They all fit in one bag, usually leaving space for the odd nin, ha!

All it takes is that little extra preparation. As for downsides, the only two that come to mind is the initial cost. I have gathered our collection up slowly and honestly they have more than earned their keep over the last year or so. After all Buy Well, Buy Less A lot of things we will have already have in our home that we can use. Another is I always come home with a bag of washing up to do, but in the grand scheme of things I’ll happily take that.

If you have any questions please ask me and thank you so much for reading!

Amy 💚

Plastic Free Bathroom

It’s been a while since I shared our eco journey. I thought I would come here to share our zero waste bathroom swaps.

These are things we have used for a good while now, and work well for us.

Eco Toilet Paper.

We switched to using Who gives a crap toilet paper last year.

The paper is made from 100% recycled paper, with no inks, dyes or scents. They also donate 50% of their profits to amazing causes. Whilst I have thought about using cloth for the bathroom, I just don’t think I could handle it at the moment. If I lived alone it would be no problem, but I just don’t want that kind of washing to do.

Plastic Free Deodorant.

I have been using Ben and Anna plastic free deodorant for about a year now. It is by far my favourite. It’s smells amazing, the smell actually lasts all day. The deodorant is only half way used since last summer, so while £9.95 may seem a lot to begin with, it probably works out much cheaper in the long run. It is packaged in paper too.

Bamboo Toothbrushes/ Oral Care

This is a very easy switch to make, they are also becoming more widely available on the high street. It is one of the more expensive switches, being more than double the cost of a standard plastic toothbrush. This is a switch that needs to be done though in my opinion. With all the plastic waste in the oceans, toothbrushes are right up there with waste found in our seas.

There are so many zero waste options out there for oral care now. A few things that I really love are the Georganics Oil Pulling Mouthwash and the Mouthwash Tabs. I also use the Georganics dental floss, it comes in a reusable glass jar too.

I must admit my search is still ongoing for a completely plastic free toothpaste that tastes okay and is a cost effective option for a family of four.

Shampoo/ Soap bars.

When I was little, we never had bottles of body wash at the side of the bath, a simple bar of soap was all that was needed. That’s all we use in the bathroom. A bar of soap for body washing and a shampoo bar for hair.

You can find my full hair care routine here

I have found since writing the hair care post, that I do need to condition my hair occasionally with a ‘standard’ conditioner. I can usually find a good tub, in a glass jar in TK Maxx, that lasts ages.

Safety Razor

Before I switched over to a safety razor, I probably used a pack of 5 disposable razors every six weeks. That is a lot of single use plastic! This was probably one of the hardest switches for me. Quite frankly I found the whole idea of a safety razor terrifying! The first time I went to use it, I couldn’t go through with putting the sharp blade against my skin and used a disposable instead. I slowly, and I mean very slowly, started using it. I haven’t cut myself yet. You do have to take it a little more slowly than a disposable. I use this along side shaving soap in a tin and a wooden foam brush.

I went for this one by Muhle

Coconut oil/ skin brush.

I wasn’t really one for having lots of lotions and potions before going plastic free. To keep my skin soft I have always done dry skin brushing and used coconut oil as a body moisturiser. I have found this better than anything I have ever used.


For my face I have a very simple routine. I have a little wooden facial brush that’s great for dry skin. I use a simple cleansing solution of rose water, which comes in a glass bottle. You can get them in the baking section in Marks and Spencer! I use cloth face pads for cleansing. If I want an extra treat, I will make a simple DIY face mask (I’ll pop a post on with a few recipes) or I may treat myself occasionally at Lush. You can take all your tubs back to store to be recycled.

As a facial moisturiser I am currently using Bao Skincare recovery face cream. This arrived in my Eco Box this month. I am not loyal to a particular skin care, but I am loving this. It comes in a glass jar.

I really don’t use much make up but I have found a few key zero waste bits that I use, but I will save that for a separate post!

I hope you have found this helpful, thank you for reading,

Amy 💚