DIY Walnut Candles

These sweet little candles are a lovely project for a cosy day at home. They make wonderful decorations for Autumn and winter too.

These walnut shell candles are known all over in the Czech Republic as a typical Christmas tradition and decoration, they have also became rather popular in the waldorf community.

They are lovely to give to friends and family as gifts too. It’s best to try and purchase pure beeswax as they are natural and free of chemical additives or toxins. Beeswax helps to purify the air and is a sustainable source too.

Here is what you will need;

•100g of Natural Beeswax, or an alternative (soy wax) I bought mine on eBay for £7. This is enough to fill around 10 walnut halves

• Candle Wicks

• Walnut halves

• Large Pan

• Jug and spoon for pouring wax, I have an old jug and spoon I use every time I make this, they take a little cleaning if you want to use them for food again!

• Tin can, cleaned and ready for use. Only heat wax in metal. Plastic or glass will melt or shatter.

• Food Thermometer

• An old tea towel to stand your walnut halves on is handy, if you are quite messy like me.

How to Make

Take your pan and and add approximately 2 inches of water and bring to the boil. Add your beeswax to the tin can, and stand this in the pan.

The trick to melting beeswax is low and slow! Keep the pan of water at a steady simmer, stirring the wax. It may take around 10 mins to melt.

I use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the wax. It should melt around 62-66 Degrees Celsius.

Don’t allow it to pass 77, it will discolour and loose it’s lovely odour.

While your wax is melting, prepare your wick by cutting pieces that are approximately 1” long (you’ll trim them at the end, you so cut them at a length that is slightly longer than you’ll need)

Now your wax is ready to pour. I transfer it to a glass jug to make it easier. Pour into your walnut halves.

After about 5 minutes the wax will begin to set and the colour will be more solid, at this point pop your wicks in, the wax should be set enough to hold them straight.

After maybe 1 hour they are all set and ready to use.

These look so lovely as table decorations, if you like making these, check out Pumpkin Candles these are very similar but instead of walnut halves, I use munchkin pumpkins, they are perfect for Autumn time.

I’d love to know if you give them a go! Thank you for reading,

Amy x

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I’m Amy, Welcome to my little space. I’m here to hopefully inspire you to slow down a little and enjoy the magic all around us. Join me as I share our adventures, green living inspiration and more. Thank you for being here

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