The Rainbow Sweater

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be releasing my first knitting pattern!

This has been a long time in the making and when Wool and the Gang asked me if I would like to design a pattern for them, I did a happy dance!

I knew the first one had to be special. This is one of the first sweaters I made Arthur, designed with comfort in mind first and foremost, but with a touch of hippie style…

The perfect daily sweater that pulls on over anything, great for playing in the garden and staying toasty at the beach, a good all rounder.

The yarn I have chosen for this pattern is Lil’ heal the wool

It is 100% Peruvian yarn, it’s unique, eco friendly and 100% up-cycled. Lil heal the wool is made by repurposing excess fibres that would otherwise be lost in the spinning and dyeing process~ it is also super dreamy to knit with.

The colour palette is beautiful and earthy, from bleached orange to ballet pink ~ the perfect base for a pop of colour in the form of a rainbow motif.

The motif is designed to use up all those little scraps lying around, making it the ultimate waste free sweater! You can pop your motif wherever you fancy….

You can find this pattern completely FREE for a limited time only here

I’m so excited to see your makes!

For a huge 25% off at Wool and the Gang you can use AMY25 🧡

P.S more patterns are in the making right now!

Lots of love


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mags says:

    Brilliant Amy, I’m so excited about this! That yarn looks lush too. Off to have a wee peruse and maybe make a purchase… 🤗

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    1. Amy says:

      Thanks so much lovely, I have added it for free today! The yarn is soo beautiful 😍


  2. Roberta says:

    The edge looks different then what the pattern says. I read the pattern as knit until a certain length. It looks like a rib pattern in the picture. Also to decrease do you just knit 2 together?


  3. Once you knit the back and put the last 14 stitches on a holder, do you then cut a tail and continue with the yarn casting on the front? Is there video instructions?


    1. Amy says:

      Yes you leave the back on a holder. Then proceed to begin the front.


  4. Roberta says:

    I wish someone would answer the pattern questions because it isn’t that clear for a beginner sweater knitter


    1. Amy says:

      I have answered your question, hopefully it helps. I have tried to make it as understandable as possible for a beginner knitter.


  5. Cara says:

    Hi Amy – Thank you for the pattern! I’m working my way through my first sweater now. When the pattern instructions for the sleeve say “Work until you have 8 sts left on the needle,” which step are we working? This is the previous line: “Work 6 rows decreasing 1 stitch at each end of the next row 22 (26,28) sts.” Do we decrease 1 stitch at each end of every sixth row until 8 stitches remain, or do we decrease more frequently?


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