Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. This time last year I was caught up in a whirlwind of the latest clothing drops. Eagerly awaiting a new collection every single season. It seems a little crazy now but I became a little bit obsessed.

As I began to declutter a lot of areas of our lives, I began lost interest having ALL the clothes. It seemed a bit counter productive to the kind of life I was trying to build for us. A slow life, a life of buying, wanting, needing less.

Arthur just really didn’t need to amount of clothes that I was buying, and we had a few favourites that I would always reach for, sometimes clothes would be left at the back of the drawer only worn a few times.

I made a start by passing on and selling anything that just wasn’t getting enough love and I also made a promise that I wouldn’t buy anymore clothes until he went up a size.

We have came to a point now where I have just purchased a few bits for the next size up and a few pieces we needed for the colder weather and I feel that his wardrobe is pretty perfect! I always size up, and knit a bigger size for him to give lots of growing room.

This is what works for us and relies on me putting a wash on twice a week. I like that it encourages me to keep on top of the washing!

Without underwear and sleep wear Arthur has a total of 18 items in his wardrobe. I’m not sure if people will find that very sparse or too much for a capsule wardrobe*…but it works really well for us.

*Oh and I use the term wardrobe very loosely. we don’t have a wardrobe for him. I have a large wicker basket for both kids that their clean clothes get neatly piled in. They hardly get put away and I’m good with that. It works great, minimal washing and putting away. Just wash, fold, wear! I’m not sure if it’s genius #lifehack or plain lazy. Who cares?!

Here you will find a very simple guide of what we have;

Basic Wardrobe

Socks x 6

Pants x 6

Long Sleeved Tops x 6

Short Sleeved Tops x 3

Joggers x 3

Leggings x 3 These could be layered under joggers if needed.

Jumpers/ Cardigans x 3 A cosy cotton jumper, a wooly handknit and a cardigan. I must knit home some more jumpers!

Pyjamas x 3 mix and match – For pjs I buy oversized T-shirt’s from charity shops and he wears them as nighties and finds these soo comfy.

1 x Snuggly Onesie – just for popping on, on the days Arthur has puddle splashed, got drenched, came inside and stripped off. Perfect for cozy afternoons and evenings sleeping in the van when you need something warm!

1 x Dressing Gown See above!

Shoes x 1


Coat x 2 (Both Charity shop bargains!)

Puddle busters x 1

Wellies x 2

Welly Socks x 4

Clothing has been a major area of simplifying for us and I find is sooo much less stressful to simply have less.

We have firm favourites that are comfy, look great and wash really well for repeated wear.

Buying less has meant that I can spend a little more, and my absolute favourite clothing brand for Arthur is Little Green Radicals

LGR are my go to for basics, such as leggings, jogging bottoms and cozy rib tops.

They are fair trade and organic, and the quality of clothing is amazing. They have beautiful patterns and prints, and release two beautiful collections each year, for Autumn and Spring time. There is often regular sales and offers, so if you can shop within these, even better!

I always buy things I can mix and match well and pretty much all of Arthur’s clothes work well with each other.

I love Duns Sweden/ Maxomorra for beautiful seasonal prints, and I’m a sucker for anything mushroom, so these were our buys this year, and I think they will last right through until next winter.

I always try to buy second hand too and we do love charity shop shopping, but I still only get what we need.

Have you simplified clothing?

I hope this was a little helpful, thank you for reading.

Amy 💛

1 thought on “Kid’s Capsule Wardrobe

  1. myresearchday

    A great post – thank you! We are moving house soon, so I’m going to clear out and simplify my two year old’s wardrobe beforehand, using your post as a guide. Thanks for the inspiration!



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