Handmade Soap

Today I’m sharing with you this really simple soap recipe. I’m sorry I probably haven’t shared it early enough to get some gifts made for Christmas!

I really love soap making. I think it makes such a lovely gift too. It’s fairly simple and cheap once you have the products you need.

A bar of artisan, handmade, organic soap would usually be around £5. This works out around £20 for at least 8 large bars. You will probably have some of the ingredients at home already, so even cheaper!

This recipe is adapted from Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas.  

I have made pink salt, lavender and fennel. There are so many different variety’s you can make.

I do apologise for not having many pictures of the process, I had Arthur in the next room while making and didn’t have time for pics. I recommend doing this while the kids are in bed…

When using caustic soda, make sure your area is well ventilated and use rubber gloves. Also make sure you use a plastic bucket as it will heat up!

It takes around hour to make the soaps, 24 hours to set and 6 weeks to dry and mature – a little late for Christmas, but I’ll just add a little note telling recipients to leave them for a couple of weeks!

You will need;

900ml water

295g Pure Caustic Soda *

615g Coconut Oil

800ml sunflower oil

800ml olive oil

Essential oils/fragrance (approx 20ml)

Any dried fruit/herbs/flowers you like.

For these particular ones, I used pink salt fennel and dried lavender flowers.

Put 900ml cold tap water into a plastic bucket.  Carefully whisk in the caustic soda.  The mixture will begin to get hot due to the chemical reaction.  Be careful. 

Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan over a low heat and measure out the other two oils.  Add them to the bucket and stir the mixture for 40 minutes.

After about 40 minutes, the mixture will start to change colour and thicken a little.  You may notice a slight change in texture.  Now add your choice of oils and decorations. I added around 30 drops of fennel oil, and a large handful of pink salt

Pour it into the moulds. I used a plastic tub, lined with grease proof paper and it worked great.

Leave them to set for at least 24 hours. Turn them out of the moulds (or slice into bars) and leave to dry for 6 weeks.  This is so the caustic soda dissolves and so is important.  They will harden up too. The pink salt gives a lovely scrub like finish. You could add petals, seeds, oats, so many possibilities.

I hope you enjoy making these. You can also find some really simple handmade candle tutorial here

Thank you for reading,

Love Amy 💕

* Caustic soda, while harsh to use, is essential and completely disappears in the soap making process, making is completely safe for your skin.