Fairies and Forests

I was so excited to be heading into the forest for the weekend.

We visited Jollydays Glamping in a lovely lodge tent.

Jollydays is in a perfect location, it’s only 9miles from the City of York, just 45 minutes from home.

The road leading into the forest, is surrounded by tall redwood trees, you feel like you are truly escaping and heading into another place, somewhere that magic can happen. Magic does happen here. Jollydays Glamping is situated on the edge of a Fairy Sanctuary.

With check in not until 4pm, we decided to explore the fairy sanctuary first, I was as excited as the kids…

We arrived at the site and the forest took my breath away. It was so peaceful. We walked a long path, heading to the fairy sanctuary. The forest was alive with bird song, the sky was moody and dark and there as a low rumble of thunder in the distance…I told the kids tales of mischievous goblins and trouble making fairies, a little bit scary, enough to create a sense of wonder and awe….

Nestled in 100 acres of magical woodland, the fairy wood feels like another world. We were greeted by the tallest trees.

The nins came along for the trip…

We set off with excitement, along small winding paths, with discoveries to be made along the way. Along the trail you will find fairy homes, some tiny and quaint, some are enchanting fairy villages, perched high up in the trees….

There is a maze too, It was quite tricky and such a hit with the kids, set right in the forest so you will find a mighty Redwood Tree blocking the way!

The trail finishes at a little Fairy Museum which is the original site of the headquarters for the New Society of Arcane Natural History – established in the 19th century to research and protect fairies and other nature spirits. It features a collection of found and recreated artefacts, there is also a secret wardrobe there, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you….

The Northwood Kitchen, next door to the Fairy Museum, is beautifully decorated and offers organic, simple food and the most delicious coffee.

We enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate before discovering where we would be staying for the night. Arthur was happy!

It was time to head to the camp! We drove up a long and bumpy path to the reception, a shed in the forest, next door to a community tea/chill out tent and a campfire.

To the trepidation of the kids, after my tales of mysterious creatures, we were told we would be staying in the Lodge Tent at the very end of the path, deep in the forest. I couldn’t wait!

We were given supplies, firefighters, matches etc and I purchased a large crate of wood for the fire. The shop works on an honesty system, you take what you need and pay at the end of your stay. There was all the essentials here and a few tasty extras.

Luckily we were able to drive the car up to the tent, and it was just a little walk from the car. Our legs were thankful after a long day!

We could barely spot our tent in the forest but we found it….it was amazing! Huge and open plan, although there was only four of us, it could easily sleep 6. There was a beautiful log burner in the middle, space to dine and cook and best of all, a roll top bath! What a luxury!

This was definitely Glamping! My most favourite thing of all though, the outdoors. From the deck of the tent, a little winding path led into a magical space inside the forest, a safe space for the kids to play, but I could hear their laughter from the tent. A table on the deck would make for the perfect place to spend the evening.

We had dinner and toasted marshmallows on the fire. We played board games by candlelight, enchanted by the sounds of the forest. Owls twit twooing, crows settling down for the evening, it was pure magic. The sun went down in a beautiful array of pinks and purples, then bedtime came around, after a lovely bath, which was like a small paddling pool to Arthur, he fell asleep happy.

I stole some time for myself, I read by candlelight, until I could read no more, then sunk into the dreamiest bath I have ever had in my life! A bold statement but oh so true!

All the beds are in one room, so we snuggled down for the evening, listening to the owls communicate with each other through the tree tops, it was bliss!

The morning came around, it was an early one, Arthur awoke at 6am, but I didn’t mind a bit….we lit the fire and huddled around with tea for me, oat milk for him, and stayed toasty warm.

We had porridge for breakfast and it felt like something out of a fairytale…we played in the forest until it was time to go. We were only staying the one night, next time I’ll definitely stay longer. A night in the forest rests your mind like no other place.

Jollydays Glamping is situated perfectly, not far at all from the City of York, with accessible links to public transport. It would make for the loveliest little holiday, to connect with nature and magic!

There is also other accommodation to choose from too, depending on your needs and budget. The main area of the camp is great. With full shower utilities etc, there is also a craft tent and a communal campfire, if we were staying longer we would have made full use of this, but we preferred the time alone, hidden in the woods for our short retreat.

It was a perfect pause for connection, to nature and each other, I would highly recommend a stay here.

You can find out more at Northwood Trail

I hope you enjoyed reading about our little adventure, thank you so much for reading.

Amy πŸ’–

We were very kindly gifted this one night stay, in exchange for a review, pictures, and social media posts. I will always be completely honest, and never accept anything I wouldn’t purchase myself.

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