No Spend Update

So first things first I actually said I would post weekly updates, which I haven’t, but I suppose that would have been pretty boring anyway, so here we are…..

Was my no spend challenge successful? I think so. Did I stick to it 100% erm, no!

Just a little recap, you can read my original No Spend Challenge Post Here

The day I started the no spend challenge, I was instantly tested. A new clothing drop from my favourite clothing brand for Arthur came out. I had already stopped buying Arthur so many clothes. Actually I had stopped buying him clothes full stop, realising it was complete madness to keep buying him things just because I liked the new prints, he would only get new clothes as and when he really needed them. If any new clothing drops were going to test me it was this ( Little Green Radicals) I actually breathed a sigh of relief that I couldn’t buy anything.

A couple of my favourite toy brands also had new toy releases. Again I was thankful for my spending ban. It made me so aware of how I would have mindlessly bought it before, without thinking. We have had a major toy cull here this month. Even some nins have gone! Shock horror!! If I want something new, something will have to go first from now on.

The main thing for me was impulsive online buys, and another thing I wanted to tackle was my daily takeaway coffee habit. So how did I do?

It was rather funny how many things I ‘wanted’. That familiar voice in my head telling me how amazing it will be if I have x, y or z….Every time something came up that I wanted I placed it on a list in my phone. A want list. At the end of the challenge I ended up with 17 things in the list. If you had have asked me to tell you them all, in all honestly I could probably only really recall about three of them.

So mostly completely impulse buys. Here are just a few on the list. A new take out coffee cup (yes I see how ironic that is!) some dungarees, and outdoor cooking pot, a backpack for Arthur, felt flower fairies…the list goes on, I won’t bore you with the rest. Mostly they were all things I didn’t need. The outdoor cooking pot I would still like for our outdoor adventures, so that will stay on the list, but just about everything else goes. Keeping things in a list like this has been really useful for me and something I will keep on doing.

Actually I am going to share my list with you, its embarrassing really, but full disclosure and all….

Birkenstock sandals. Outdoor grill. Outdoor cooking pot. Little Green Radicals clothes for Arthur. Wellies for Arthur. New Keep Cup. Art for playroom. Sketchers shoes. Lucy and Yak dungarees. Felt flower fairies. Insulated water bottles. Maileg hippo. Necklace. Amber bracelet. Books. Grapat Mandala pieces. Backpack for Arthur.

I can say the only things I actually really need are insulated water bottles and some wellies for Arthur. The things I’d really love are some Birkenstock’s (more on that in a moment) and an amber bracelet to replace my broken one.

Where did I do wrong?

Takeout coffee…..I really did start this with the best intentions. No takeout coffee, make my own. Which I did, for the first few days. See the thing is, we will set off for a walk, homemade latte in hand and I just can’t help drinking it all in one go. Like it’s all gone before I leave the drive away….I really enjoy my coffee. We have a coffee shop within an hours walk from us. I really love walking over the fields to get there, getting a coffee and going to the little nature reserve over the road. What I found is my takeaway coffee is all about the experience. Quite frankly by day three, after working out how much my coffee habit was costing me, I came to the conclusion that’s it’s worth every penny. I love it, it brings me joy to my day. That may sound sad but seriously when you have been up with a toddler since 5am (or 7am, whatever!) and nap time works out just right for that morning coffee, then it’s amazing. Hey it’s the little things right!? Ha! So if anything I have that I want my coffee, a completely mindful decision/ addiction…..Also it’s not everyday maybe 3/4 out of 7, and Dan pays at the weekend so it doesn’t even count! Haha! Of course I use my reusable cup too.

Also a couple of other little fails, around Day 5 I went to to a charity shop and bought 4 books for £2, completely forgetting about the challenge also the item top of my want list came up in the sale. A pair of Birkenstock’s. I have wanted a pair since last year and decided this year I would Buy Less, Choose Well, typical they would be in the sale but I couldn’t let them pass! They arrived, I love them.

Oh yes…I nearly forgot about another fail that I had, but this one brought with it an important lesson, which I am thankful for. I have a long skirt. Blue cotton tie dye, that always come out around the first spring bank holiday, hello sunshine, I have had this skirt for around 8 years. I love it so much. It’s the perfect fit, perfect length and it’s so cool and comfy. I really wanted another just like this one, how amazing would it be to have two of these to wear interchangeably through summer, my wardrobe would be complete….I searched online, I found one, I bought it. Looking back, in all honestly, I knew it wasn’t the perfect skirt. It arrived. It didn’t feel like my blue one. It was a little too long, a little too heavy. Back in the package it went. This is something I will do quite often that maybe I wasn’t aware of before. I try to recreate something I already have. Thinking more of the same will make me more happier, more complete. What I realised is I really love my blue skirt. I don’t need another. I will love it and wear it everyday if I want to. It was worth the fail, to bring attention to this.

This challenge has made me way more mindful of charity shop shopping too, apart from the book buying, I completely avoided them. I most certainly buy things I don’t need here, just because it’s a bargain etc. I love thrift shopping but now will make a point of going only when I am on the lookout for something in particular.

As far as fails go, I’m not complaining. Come pay day, yesterday, where I may usually cave and go but the things in my want list, I really don’t want to. I haven’t, I won’t.

We have a couple of trips planned this month, so I have saved all the money I would have spent for those. Not to spend on mindless holiday keepsakes, but I heard the coffee in Copenhagen is around £9! Holy Crap!!

This challenge has been really helpful to me and brought much more mindfulness to where I put me money, because eco, ethical etc if I don’t need it then why buy it!

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to know your thoughts, do you think you would benefit from a no spend challenge?

Amy 💚

2 thoughts on “No Spend Update

  1. Mags

    I loved this post, Amy! I think you did really well!

    I sometimes find it hard to bypass all the pretty things, especially when you see them in use. It’s one of the reasons I came off Insta. I’m all for the only buy what you need concept, although sometimes convenience and the WANT reflex can be hard to fight. I think if we genuinely want to lead a more sustainable life then we should think about what sustainability actually means. To me it doesn’t mean 10 versions of the same thing, justifying it to ourselves that it’s eco-friendly, therefore ok. I don’t see how that’s sustainable at all.

    I’m going to follow in your footsteps and try the no-spend challenge too. Wish me luck! XX


    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. Instagram is so bad for making you want things, good luck with you challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed it 😊



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