No Spend Challenge.

I have been thinking about doing a no spend month for a little while now, if a little while means around 5 months…I totally missed the boat with the collective No spend January.

On our trip to Glastonbury last week, in one of my favourite book shops ever, The Speaking Tree, I was standing at the counter, when I spied The Year of Less, by Cait Flanders. Right there was an impulse purchase, but this time it was a good one….

You can read more about it Here

I don’t think of myself as someone who spends a lot, or is a ‘shopaholic’, but I certainly buy things I don’t need. My biggest downfall is thrift shopping. I just can’t help myself, and while I have most definitely became more mindful of my spending, I think I have at least 10 items I have purchased this year alone from Charity Shops that I haven’t yet used/worn.

I can walk through the Town Centre and barley cast a glance at most shops, I find it exceptionally easy not to spend at major brands on the High Street as I am hard pushed to find an ethical one.

My major spending downfall, online shopping. I see something, and because it’s ethical, eco, zero waste etc, I feel I am doing good and buy it. Or sometimes I just can’t resist the pretty things.

I will see something online, usually on Instagram, in a beautiful playroom, and I will imagine it our playroom….the feeling will turn into a want….I will usually cave in. I’m the worst with hand made things. I love to support small businesses, so again I tell myself I am doing good.

On of the worst habits I have gotten into to this year, is anything I sell over at my little Etsy Shop Enchanted Rainbows I use the money to buy nice things – nice things covers a wide range of items. Wooden toys, Art supplies, Craft supplies, pretty scandi clothes for Arthur, books, etc.

Things I don’t need

I am taking inspiration from this book, to break some habits, and loosely following the no spend challenge Cait Flanders Set out for herself. I will try do a little weekly update on here, to keep myself accountable.

The Rules

What I am allowed to shop for;

  • Groceries, basic kitchen supplies.
  • Cosmetics and toiletries, only when I’ve run out.
  • Items in the approved shopping list.
  • What I’m not allowed to shop for;
    Take out coffee (this one is going to be a killer for me!)
    Clothes, shoes, accessories.
    Books, magazines, notebooks, stationery.
    Household items, decor, candles, cups, etc.

Approved shopping list;

  • Shoes for Arthur (he really needs some, I just haven’t found the right ones yet)
    • I can purchase something that need to be replaced, eg, broken lamp,


    the old item must me broken, donated, etc.

One tiny exception; I have put aside £30 to spend at our local car boot sale that happens on Easter Monday, there’s a vintage stall and I have been hunting down a particular couple of items for ages, so you know, just incase!

Also I am trying my very best to keep within our £70 food shopping budget. It baffles me that I can never stick to it, so I’m really going to focus on keeping this in check too.

I am going to question everything I want to buy. I’m sure there with never be a practical reason, and really I am wanting the idea of a particular item.

I have begun today, wanting things.

I want an art print for the playroom I have spied. I want an essential oil diffuser for the bedroom. I want some new sandals. I don’t need any of these things. If I really want them I can buy them in four weeks time.

I’m looking forward to the awareness this little challenge is going to bring to my spending. Take out coffee will be the hardest.

Does anyone want to join in?!

I’ll try and share daily thoughts on my stories over on Instagram

Thank you for reading,

Amy 💚

13 thoughts on “No Spend Challenge.

    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      I have went to mindless buy things a few times today, and though about buying this too many times, I need this so much!


  1. Lynsey

    Great plan, I recently started a strict budget with food and general spending, I have an agreed amount I can spend per week, and anything I buy has to be written down on this list, and comes off my budget – I haven’t bought a takeaway coffee for about three weeks, and that is huge for me!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      That sounds like a great plan, and well done on the coffee front, I find it sooo hard. I need to write things down!


      1. Lynsey

        I found the writing things down really made me feel accountable before I buy something, if I know I’m going to have to write down that half my food budget was wine or chocolate it makes me think twice 😂


    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      Today has been okay but made me realise how much I go to mindlessly buy things, it is definitely needed!


  2. Highland Hygge Mama

    LOVED this! This is honestly how we TRY to live all the time. The amount of consumerism and “stuff” there is in life makes me feel a bit sick, everything is “buy this, buy that, you NEED it!” Where I struggle most is food and things for my little one. Food, because every time a new vegan product comes out I feel I HAVE to buy it 🙈 and things for my little one because there are so many lovely things available now. Am always trying to get better but it’s not always easy. Have you watched the minimalism documentary on Netflix? It really got me motivated to commit even further to less needless buying!
    Loved reading this post & looking forward to hear how you are getting on! 💖


  3. whimsicalmother

    Any money I make on Etsy goes on things that spark me joy I must admit. I also like going out once a week for a coffee with the girls as it makes life feel a little more like home. I definitely do think a lot more about purchases as money has been tight for a few years and also cost of food is insane here. I must curb my chocolate addiction but that seems to be slowly developing into a wooden toy addiction, even Eilidh said…Mummy I think we would like that pointing to a pastel 12 piece…..yep, Eilidh I totally am with you on that one, maybe for Christmas 🙂 I think just do what you can but also let yourself have a little bit of joy, I think if a coffee keeps you sane for a bit longer there is nothing wrong in it….that is my thinking anyway and I am sticking to it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      Hi lovely! Totally agree with everything you have said, I haven’t spent anything yet but I’ve broken it and bought coffee, because it brings me too much joy to take away 😂 It’s such a fun highlight of my day 🙈



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