Nature Mobiles

We made a nature mobile today to hang up in our garden. It was such a simple but lovely activity, I thought I’d pop a short post on and share it with you, also I would love to carve out a little corner here on my blog, with some natural play activities, so hopefully it’s the first of many.

We also spotted the first bluebells in the garden today!

Here’s what you will need:



A Basket for collecting your natural treasures.

Natural treasures!

A ring, I used a bought one that we already had sitting in our craft cupboard, but if you have the right kind of bendy branches (willow etc) you can easily make your own.

So off we go! My favourite bit of all, we set of with our basket and hunt for natural treasures. At first glance there doesn’t seem much, but once you start looking you discover there is lots of beautiful things to collect. There will be a huge colourful abundance in Summertime, but here is what we found ; feathers, seed pods, mossy branches, green leaves, blossom, daffodils, bluebells, pinecones and some bones (yes bones! We live next door to a sheep field)

It a great activity for learning the different names of finds, and also the colours, shapes, how heavy something it etc, great for sensory learning. It also bring a little more awareness to seasons, especially when repeated through the year.

You simply tie them up with string and attach them to your ring, creating a wild, natural mobile. This would be lovely for a nature table, but Arthur insisted it was to be left outside for the fairies to enjoy! What a great idea, to leave something for Mother Earth…..

Oh and I also managed a little time for a cup of tea and a few moments reading a magazine, while the kid were nature treasure hunting…If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is!

I know this was short and sweet but I hope you enjoyed it, I’d love to see if you make these with your little ones.

Thank you for reading

Amy ❤️

2 thoughts on “Nature Mobiles

    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      Thanks you lovely! It was really fun to make, can’t wait for summer and the variety of goodies it brings 😍💖 xxx



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