Wild Northumbrian

I’m snuggled upon a bed fit for a princess…the most magical four poster bed, with posts made from the trunks of silver birch, wrapped in twinkling fairy lights….Arthur is sleeping soundly beside me, Dan is laid across the bottom of the bed, engrossed in a book, Ollie is sleeping on the floor, beside the fire….the fire crackling away and the sound of the river rushing past the yurt…..

That right there is happiness for me.

For our adventure this month we headed to Wild Northumbrian . A beautiful site situated in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park. We were staying in Houlet Yurt – a beautiful Mongolian Yurt – in the trees! I was so excited.

We arrived just as the sun was setting, creating a beautiful golden light over the hills.

Arthur was delighted to discover a mud kitchen…..

The place looked wild and untouched. It was truly enchanting, so many little nooks to explore, with a crooked stream, meandering it’s way through the site.

The yurt was accessed by crossing the Wibbly Wobbly bridge, a little bridge right from a fairytale, Arthur absolutely loved it.

The yurt itself was beautiful, with everything you need for a perfect stay, and most importantly a wood burning stove, which was crackling away as we arrived, the best welcome!

The site really was wild, in the best possible way. Human foot prints minimal. The Yurts and Huts were perfectly placed, blending into nature. Compost loos built in wooden huts, the path ways are small tracks and there is no electricity or lighting. This all added to the sense of adventure for me.

Making our way over the Wibbly Wobbly bridge, with just a torch to guide us, truly added to the magic of the place and also made way for one of the most awesome sights ever, a beautiful clear night sky. We were so lucky to experience this. The Yurt had its own sky viewing platform and what a view we had. We could see every constellation, even the Milky Way! The site is situated just 20 minutes away from the Keilder Observatory, and is officially the best place in England to view the magic of the night sky.

Sitting on that platform, looking into space, a warming cup of tea in my hands was pure bliss…

The site has an abundance of nature and we were lucky enough to see a red squirrel and a deer! Obviously I took our toys with us too!

The site was perfect, with a lovely kitchen you could use to cook meals, wash clothes etc. It was homely and welcoming. Oh and there was also absolutely no phone signal whatsoever, which to me is a huge bonus!

The communal kitchen was just a short walk away….

We loved the cozy evenings in the yurt, snuggled in front of the log burner, reading books. The yurt became even more magical as night time fell.

The morning were crisp and thick with mist, making the site look enchanting.

I can only imagine how magnificent this place would be in the warmer months.

The Houlet Yurt has a lovey den like area underneath it, with a hammock and a fire circle, perfect for campfires and cooking. There is also direct access to the stream, I can imagine the kids would spend hours paddling with a net.

There is also other beautiful little hideaways to stay in…

  • The Peewit hut – with its own electricity supply, and next to the outdoor pizza oven.
    Tod Yurt – The most secluded of them all, with rope swings and an outdoor shower, also perfectly situated for paddling in the river below.
  • Corbie Shepherds Hut – it has its own water supply and compost loo, and the most magical of all, an outdoor Hikki Scandinavian hot tub bath.
  • Esk Yurt – This beauty stands alone in an open field, so perfectly placed for stargazing and sunsets.
  • Merle Yurt – This is in a lovely secluded location and perfect for wildlife spotting, it’s just near here we spotted the red squirrel and the deer
  • Brock Yurt – If you stay here you will be lucky enough to stay right next to a badger set, this one has its own shower and loo! Perfect if you would like those extra comforts.

I absolutely cannot recommend this place enough and I’m hoping to bring my dad here for his 60th birthday later on the year for some stargazing.

There is lots of places to visit near by, the most beautiful being Keilder Forest and water park….

Hadrian’s wall is only 30 mins away.

Anwick castle and Gardens is 1hr away.

Holy island is 1hr 30 mins away.

What an amazing place to come back to after a day of exploring.

I’ll be writing more about our adventures in Northumberland in the Learning Through Living Journal as part of my monthly Enchanted Escapes feature.

For more information about this magical place please visit Wild Northumbrian

If you would like to book, Vicky has kindly offered 20% off to readers (just quote enchanted escapes and book via phone/email instead of online booking) ❤️

Thank you for reading,

Love Amy ❤️

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  1. seekingsimpleuk

    Oh, this sounds SO lovely! This would be my ideal getaway! I may have to subtly wave the website under my husband’s nose 😉 Amazing photos, as always!

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