A Cabin in the Lakes

I spoke in my last post about my New Year Intentions.

One of the most important ones for me was adventure.

To be precise, more of them! It really does spark joy within me to find myself in new places, exploring new landscapes….especially with the promise of a little magic thrown in.

This month the universe delivered wonderfully……

Within days of setting my intentions, the perfect place popped up, being the first week of January, it was quiet and a good deal was to be had!

Dan was able to get the day of work so we were set. We were off to Full Circle Yurts in Rydal, The Lake District.

We set off on the Friday morning. Our journey would take around 2 hours. I took full advantage of our little adventure and made a detour to a Druid Circle I had been wanting to visit for a while.

Long Meg and her Daughters is the second biggest stone circle in the country. Long Meg is the tallest of the 69 stones. She is 12 feet high with three mysterious symbols.

Folklore claims that Long Meg was a witch, who with her daughters, was turned to stone.

The circle is supposedly endowed with magic, so that it is impossible to count the same number of stones twice, but if you do them the magic is broken….

Dan and Ollie didn’t count the same number but I told them they had to stop trying, let’s keep the magic! The energy certainly felt a little charged within those stones. We had a cup of tea and headed on to our destination……

As we passed Keswick the landscape began to change dramatically. It is simply spellbinding. The craggy hills and glistening lakes are just breathtaking. The beauty of this part of our country never fails to surprise me.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at Rydal. The Site is set within Rydal Hall Estates. It is like driving into a magical little village, and as you approach where the cabins are based it is positively shire-like!

The cabins are dotted up the hill, smoke billowing from the chimneys, filling the air with the most delicious smell. We were shown to our cabin.

It was perfect. It had captured the concept of hygge perfectly. Simply and comfortably furnished, just what I had envisioned.

The wood burner was lovely, I knew we would appreciate that come evening.

I had brought our toys with us and they just looked magical in the cabin.

With a pot of tea on the go I was in heaven.

What a lovely couple of days we had. There is so so much to explore in this area. You could come for a week and never need to use your car. There is hills, caves and forest to explore, all within an hours walk.

There’s is a beautiful beck that flows right through the estate, with waterfalls and plunge pools dotted along.

We will definitely be back in summer for a swim! Also, very importantly, there is a lovely little riverside cafe that serves the best tea and cakes.

The weather was surprisingly mild and we were able to sit outside by the river, enjoying tea and cake from the lovely little riverside cafe.

We spent the days climbing trees and exploring the woods, which is filled with little magical hideaways and art sculptures.

Arthur was delighted to discover an ‘Elf Tree’ (his words)

I even managed to steal a few peaceful moments with my Nins for a little mindfulness! Haha!

You must come away to some lonely place all by yourself and rest for a while…..

The evenings were spent in-front of the fire, reading books and playing monopoly. There is also a perfect fire circle just outside the cabin. This was lovely as the sun went down.

Arthur enjoying a bowl of rice pudding for supper……

The most important thing was uninterrupted family time together to just BE…..

Arthur’s highlight was spotting a ninja sheep

Ollie and Arthur having a rest on the walk to visit Rydal Caves.

Honestly I couldn’t have imagined a better place to begin our series of adventures and I cannot recommend this beautiful part of the lakes enough.

It was absolutely magical.

I will also be writing about our adventures, as part of a monthly feature Enchanted Escapes in the lovely Learning Through Living Journal.

Im looking forward to sharing more about our magical Lake District adventure in there.

I am already planning our little trip for next month and I cannot wait!

Thank you so much for reading!

Amy 💫

P.S If you would like to buy a copy of the Learning Through Living Journal you can use code ENCHANTED10 for 10% off (it’s really lovely!) ✨

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