New Year Intentions

Firstly, as the year turns into the next, I would like to thank you all for reading and interacting with my blog.

I’m not even sure why I started it in the first place, I do love to write, but I suppose I have always felt too self conscious to put my thoughts out there. I love the accountability this gives me. It’s a bit more effective having all my readers to answer too and not just myself……

Which leads me to my January Intentions…..

Self Care.

This encompasses so many things for me. I have looked after myself mentally more this year than any other, however, it is still not enough.

I intend to keep aside space for myself everyday, no matter what. I talk about my space more on my previous blog post Looking After Me

I will take more physical care of myself this year. I will be mindful of the foods that I eat. Some days I am so busy making food for everyone else that I hardly eat anything or I will eat foods that I know make me feel rubbish.

I’ve already spoke in my previous post 2018 Reflections about how being out in nature and expressing my creativity are key factors in my mental health. That will continue to be top priorities for me.

I will also continue to work on myself personally and spiritually. I begin my Shamanic training in a few weeks time. I am simultaneously excited and terrified!


Before Arthur came along, Ollie was 7 years old. We had an old VW camper van.

We were off on an adventure of some kind every weekend. It was usually surfing and I absolutely loved it.

Often, Ollie would spend the weekend off with his grandparents (as he often does now) and it was just Dan and I, parked up wherever we liked (legally, mostly Haha!)

Obviously that changed when Arthur came along. It hit me hard. It’s a feeling I’m sure most parents go through at some point and was the trigger for my depression.

I felt really selfish for missing our old life at the time and I felt stuck. It’s hard to write that. Arthur has brought so much magic to our life and changed it for the better in every way but in those first few months I felt an aching loss for our old life.

This year has felt so different. We have had so many new adventures, the four of us, and Arthur loves nothing more than being out in nature.

We sold our old camper and bought a HymerMobile. This year at least once a month we will go away somewhere to escape routine/ everyday life and bring some fun and adventure to our life (in the next blog post I’ll expand on our plans…clue…it’s EXCITING!)


There are a few things that I wish to focus on in the New Year in our home life. Our decluttering journey will be an ongoing process. There is still things I need to tackle, to be precise, it’s an ottoman full of memories.

A million photos and keepsakes. Some of which I know don’t spark joy and hold painful memories. That is my next decluttering job.

I will be mindful of what I purchase and what I allow to hold space within our home.

In our home there are many ways I want to continue with our eco living journey ⬇️

Eco Living

There are many small changes we have made this year in our home.

Homemade cleaners, plastic free bathroom/ kitchen products, we have invested in lots of reusable items for out and about.

We have changed the way we shop for, well everything.

The main focus for this year is plastic free food shopping and meal planning. This will also make sure I am looking after my diet too.

Over the next few days I will be putting together a meal plan and shopping lists, buying whatever I can from my local greengrocer. They are also really enthusiastic about my reusable/ home made produce bags, which is always good.

I will also continue to make a conscious effort to shop small and independently where I can.

So they are my main focus for 2019.

They don’t seem overwhelming, it is just ongoing, if not a little more focused, to what I am working on already.

The main overall priority is our happiness and connection as a family. Doing what works for us. Listening to each other, always making family time a priority.

Next year Arthur will be 3 and Ollie will be 11.

There is the possibility that Arthur will attend the local forest school nursery (without me!) for a couple of mornings a week. This will allow me to have some one on one time with Ollie too. We are becoming a little more structured with his work routine going into the new year.

As always though,the main focus with his education is happiness, child led learning and the opportunity to be outdoors with friends.

What are your intentions for the New Year?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

I wish you all the very best for 2019,

Much Love

Amy ❤️

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