Autumn Cleaning

It doesn’t really have the same ring as spring cleaning does it?!

I have spent the last month on a serious decluttering mission.

A while back I looked around our flat and there was so much that annoyed me, and it annoyed me immensely all at once.

Some examples….

We have (had) a chair in the living room, part of our three piece suite. No one sits on it. Ever. Why do we have it in our life?!

In the sunroom we had a three piece conservatory suite, I had a huge crochet throw on it, no one sat on that either, it was basically for show, and I straightend up the throw approximately 10 times a day from Arthur jumping on it….

All these little, seemingly meaningless things we’re eating up my precious time and stealing my joy.

Cue major decluttering.

I desperately crave minimal living but at heart I am all about the hygge.

I need cozy, beautiful spaces to feed my soul and spark my creativity.

Image below of the craft table. My sanity keeper…..

I had to be brutal here. I sold lots of stuff.

Out with the chair in the living room and the conservatory suite went.

I replaced it with a simple Ikea chair. What a huge difference already. A little space for me to take 5 minutes peace/ mindfulness ❤️

View from the chair…with my vision board too. What will I do when the pumpkins go?!

I rehomed all the books that weren’t absolutely loved and added some lovely air cleansing plants. I made sure just to get really easy care ones…

The living room now….the plants make so much of a difference.

Now toys! As you can see from my instagram, I LOVE them……

I love them all and they were ALL in the living room. This was no good.

It was too much to tidy at the end of the day and Arthur wasn’t playing as well as he could as there was too much choice. I have never been good at toy rotation either, I just cannot bear to have the lovelies in a cupboard, not being played with.

I decided to create a separate playroom.

We have three bedrooms. Arthur is in with us, he’s in a little bed next to our bed, and Ollie has a big room to himself.

We had a typical spare room…AKA room full of shit you don’t want anywhere else in the house. Lol!

Ollie was moved into the spare room.

We rehomed/sold everything that wasn’t in use.

We have kept it minimal with a bed and a book shelf and a space for clothing. I wanted to keep this space very simple for Ollie, just for sleeping.

The larger room is now a playroom. I have most of the toys in there and just a simple, but beautiful set up in the living room.

Arthur wheels things back and forth in his little trolley, which is fun!

Also Ollie has a little desk with his gaming console set up, so at least the boys are together in one room and it’s next door to the kitchen, so I can keep an eye on things while cooking.

When Arthur eventually moves from our room, I’m planning on him sharing with Ollie, so they have a room for sleeping and a room for playing. I’ll see how that goes with a threenager and a nearly teenager closer to the time….

Playroom…still a work in progress but I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ve also went a bit crazy with our wardrobes.

I love the idea of capsule wardrobes for us all.

I’m pretty much there with mine, I live in luck and yak dungarees, jogging bottoms and scruffy mum jumpers. With maybe one dress and a pair of jeans,you know just incase I go anywhere without the kids….

Arthur’s wardrobe is a bit of a struggle as I love all the colourful scandi clothes, but it was getting a bit of a joke! I sold a lot and now I will only buy what he needs, and if I really want it, I will sell his old clothes to buy it!

A huge bonus of the lovely organic scandi clothes is they resell really well.

I cleared out all the kitchen cupboards, minimised our tableware, etc.

Believe it or not I had 30 cups and 40 glasses, we are a family of 4!!! How did that happen!? We have only what we use. Which means less washing up, less putting away, Win!!

Anyways that’s how I’ve spent most of the month.

I’m at the point now where we have used up all our non eco stuff. Plastic bottles, harsh cleaners etc and it feels really good to just have the earth friendly things we have now, homemade cleaners, soap bars, eco scrubbing brushes etc.

I have sold A LOT of stuff this month, and used the money to buy quality things that will last a very long time and bring me joy. (Mainly plants, more beautiful books)

I’m not done yet….there’s a few things still bugging me. Like the huge bin bag of teddies in a cupboard from when I was little. I find those one of the hardest things to get rid of. I’m not sure why.

We have an ottoman in our bedroom that contains keepsakes and pictures. A full ottoman. A million photographs, all Oliver’s artwork. We have bus tickets from all our first dates etc. I even have a tissue I cried into when our dog dies when I was 16….a bit too sentimental?! That will be my next thing.

I’m thinking a huge letting go/ releasing ritual ❤️

October/Shamain is all about letting go and clearing out the old for me, so I’m really happy that I’ve managed to do that (mostly)

I’m looking forward to the coming months of living a little more simply.

More importantly it is making me very aware of what I am spending my money on and I’m really enjoying it….

Thank you for reading ❤️

4 thoughts on “Autumn Cleaning

  1. Mags

    I’m in the process of doing this too, but I’m such a hoarder…with minimalist tendencies! Well done on getting so much done – it definitely helps with having a clear mind!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Highland Hygge Mama

    Love the idea of a big clean out at this time of year, especially with Christmas coming and all the stuff that brings with it! The plants look great! Did you research a bit about them before you chose or did you just choose the ones you liked the look of? Am definitely inspired to do another big cleaning session here. (& to get more plants! 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      Yes, it’s definitely made me more mindful of what I let in the house now….I did a little research but mainly got montserra/cheese plant (wrongly spelt probably)
      They are amazing, they grow quickly and don’t mind if you forget about them for a couple of weeks 🙄 Quite cheap too if you manage to find them in a garden centre.



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