Zero Waste Hair Care

I’m pretty excited about this….

I have finally perfected my hair care routine.

Now don’t get too excited, it’s quite minimal and I am low maintenance!

I have been using shampoo bars for a while.

My current one is Lamazuna and it is great. There’s are a few different ones depending on your hair type. Lush stock a wide range of bars too. I do find these lather much more and do leave you with a really clean feeling, but I’m sure that’s down to some synthetic ingredients, which the more natural bars don’t have. However these are a good place to start to make the switch, plastic free and they small amazing!

I’m not too loyal, I like to swap and change bars, not for any particular reason other than I get bored and I like different scents.

I began using them along side using up my old conditioner bottle.

When that ran out I switched to a lush conditioner bar.

This really didn’t do anything for my hair at all so I gave up on that.

I began using apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinses and this worked amazing for me (I’ll share full details below)

There were two problems I encountered.

Sometimes my hair would feel slightly sticky…. This is the point in the past I may have went and bought a bottle of shampoo to get that super clean feeling (which doesn’t last long!)

This time I used bicarbonate soda…this is really amazing for deep cleaning your hair and getting rid of any build up that may occur.

That was one problem solved…

The second problem was although my hair felt clean and soft it was missing that extra spark!

I found a lovely oil called Olew.

Babipur began to stock this miracle hair oil a little while ago. It is plastic free, ethical and all natural, also it’s handmade in the UK.

It is designed to help you embrace your natural curls and nourish your hair.

I was so excited to try it. I am onto my 5th use and I am so happy with it.

I imagine this would be fantastic for the curly girl method. There is some awesome tips on the Olew website about that.

Personally I don’t follow that method and I simply use on my hair after washing to add softness and shine.

So here’s the routine I use;

All products pictured here….

I do this 2-3 times per week, that maybe different for you so play around and see what works!

I wash hair using my chosen Shampoo bar.

I mainly focus on the roots, but depending how much stickiness Arthur has applied to my hair, I may give the ends a good wash too!

After rinsing, Using a large jug (1 litre) I add approx 2tbs of ACV (by approximately, I mean I just splash some in!) and around 3-4 drops of any essential oil.

The oil is purely to mask the vinegar smell, although when it dries you cannot smell vinegar at all.

I then fill the jug up with water and pour over my hair.

That’s it…All done with the washing!

After ringing my hair out well, I lightly towel dry, then use 4-6 drops of Olew

I them comb my hair, using a wide tooth comb to minimise damage.

That is all…..I don’t blow dry or use heat on my hair very often at all, which is the true cause of damage I think. Since giving up hair straighteners (about 4 years ago) it’s the only time my hair has been truly healthy. Although they may be some amazing ones on the market now that (truly) minimise damage, I’d be interested to know!

The bicarbonate soda wash I do only once per month, it can be very drying to your hair when used excessively.

That is very simple too. Using the same large jug I add 1 tbsp of the soda, and a few drops of essential oil if you wish, and fill it up. I pour this over my hair, again focusing on the scalp, this would be a bit drying for the ends.

I gently rub it in and leave on my hair for a few minutes.

After this I just use the vinegar rinse.

This picture was taken this morning, after washing last night and drying naturally.

Between washes, if my hair is a little frizzy ( as it is a little this morning!) I will smooth a tiny bit (1-2 drops) of Olew through to the ends.

So simple yet it does everything I need and creates no waste!

The Olew is going to last so long and the bottle of ACV has lasted me a good 6 months so far.

Perfect zero waste hair care, eco friendly hair care!

How do you wash yours?!

Thank you for reading ❤️

3 thoughts on “Zero Waste Hair Care

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  2. Emily

    Love this post, I already use a shampoo bar but gona try acv as conditioner. My hair Is very fine and flat and gets greecy really fast, I have to wash every other day so fingers crossed itl work, gona try the bicarb too!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Enchanted Mother Post author

      Thank you! It’s definitely worth a try! It’s soo good for mine, and so cheap too! Good luck 💖



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