My Plastic Free Period

This may be a too much information blog post, so if you don’t wanna talk periods you may want to leave now!

I purchased a new menstural cup in July and I have 100% changed my period for the better!

About 5 years ago, before Arthur came along and we just had Ollie, my husband and I had that precious thing…free time together.

Here a picture just because I love it, and miss it so much!

We would spend said free time surfing our local surf spot, Saltburn by the Sea.

Although Saltburn is a lovely place, the water quality can be particularly terrible at times.

We would track when sewage was due to be released into the sea and avoid surfing around that time .

This one particularly day after a storm, we paddled out to find tampons and menstural pads wrapped around our boards. It was pretty disgusting!

At the time I was using organic tampons and not flushing them, so I thought I was doing my bit, not anymore.

The average woman is estimated to use, and throw away, in excess of 10,000 of these in her menstrual lifetime. They are pretty shocking statistics!

Despite warnings on packaging that products like sanitary pads and tampons aren’t flushable, women continue to dispose of them this way, forcing water companies to spend huge amounts of money clearing blockages, and them flooding into our seas.

I made the plunge (no pun intended!) and purchased a Mooncup.

This was great, although it would leak from time to time. I thought this was normal and felt good about the change I had made and persevered.

I used cloth sanitary pads (CSP) along side it too.

Since having Arthur the moon cup just didn’t work for me at all anymore, I’m pretty sure my cervix tilted more since having him and for whatever reason the cup leaked constantly….

I gave up and went with CSP full time. I love CPS, I love the wide range of them and some of the designs and patterns are amazing, but I missed the convenience of using a cup.I looked into different cups again, I was overwhelmed to be honest, there is so many!

I came across a test you can do to determine the best cup for you.

Here it is

There were a few recommended and Organicup was one of them.

Babipur sold that one so it was a no brainier!

Here it is

Image from Babipur

I must admit I was pretty reluctant to part with nearly £20. This had to work for me this time!

I waited patiently for my period, I had my CSP ready too, just incase.

The day came and as usual I am very heavy the first 2-3 days.

I had a busy day ahead of me, I popped the cup in (I say popped as if it was really easy, well it is when you get the hang of it l, I promise!)

Image from OrganiCup

I went about my business, honestly expecting for it to leak at any time.

It got to mid day, I had been wearing the cup for around 6 hours then.

I took it out and it was nearly full.

I was at home, so it was very simple just to run under the tap and put it back in, in my own space.

If I was out, I would use a bottle of water to rinse.

The cup was good until I had a bath at 7pm, it was full again, but not a single leak.

In it went again after my bath….

Here came the real test, night time!

I emptied it before bed, around 11pm fully expecting to be woken in the night due to leaking, and I’m happy to say, it was perfect!

The next day was very similar.

The days after that we’re even better. I was bleeding a lot lighter, I put the cup in when I woke and took it out when I bathed, they was around 10-12 hours, and not one single leak.

It has completely changed my period for the better, and I’m sure it has lessened my cramps.

For the first time in years I actually forgot I was on my period (like those adverts promise!)

I even used this over a weekend we were camping in our van.

If we are ever going away in the van I would work out my period and pray I wasn’t on for that time…not any more, it actually made little to no difference!

The organic cup comes in cardboard packaging, with the instructions printed on the inside, even less waste!

Image from OrganiCup

If you thinking of trying a cup, do the test and take the plunge! Haha!

Feel free to ask me any questions,

Thank you so much for reading!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Altered Eco says:

    I’m about to make this move too! I recently switched to Thinx period underwear and it’s been a game changer. Not TMI, we all need to know that its okay to talk about this stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Enchanted Mother says:

      Ooh I have been looking at them, would love to try them too, that look amazingly comfy!


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