My Plastic Free July

I am continuously making a conscious effort to reduce our plastic as a family.

It’s is not an easy thing to do, and a continuous journey.

Plastic free July has been amazing this year for lots of inspiration.

Here are a few areas in our daily plastic free living I am working on at the moment.

The Food Shop.

This is something I find quite difficult. In an ideal world I would do all of my shopping at the local farmers market ( our local one is monthly, not weekly).

I began the month determined to buy loose fruit and veggies.

This was pretty successful. I could get everything I needed at the local green grocers.

The cost was higher and while there may be some weeks I can’t do this, due to cost, time and convenience etc I will make every effort to shop this way.

They sell eggs too and reuse all their egg boxes.

We have our milk delivered in glass bottles mostly which is great. I use Oatly barista which is in cardboard packaging and recyclable.

A huge hurdle is all the things in plastic packaging., such as crisps, popcorn etc.

My next step is getting organised enough to bake snacks/ granola/ energy bars for the week.

The Bathroom.

This month we are pretty much out of every plastic bottle in our bathroom, they have finally been used up!

That gave me he perfect excuse to stock up on some goodies.

All our shampoo has been replaced with a shampoo/ body bar.

All our plastic toothbrushes have been replaced with bamboo. This is my favourite brand

I have replaced our deodorants. This has been an ongoing thing and it has taken a while to find the right one.

These ones by Ben and Anna Sweden are amazing. They smell delicious!

We have also tried a plastic free toothpaste, the taste takes some getting used to, Ollie (10) isn’t happy with it…..I’ll keep working on that one.

I have been wondering about family cloth too for the bathroom….everyone else isn’t keen on that idea! I’d love to know if and how others manage that one….

The last thing I’m looking to replace is my disposable razor. I really don’t use that many….but I have found a perfect replacement for myself and my husband, I just need to save a few pennies for it first! It a traditional safety razor.

I am sure I have found the perfect plastic free hair care routine too….but that’s for another blog post!

Out and about

This one has been easy!

We all have our reusable bottles, I am a die hard klean kanteen fan!

We take these everywhere with us.

I am slowly switching over to stainless steel lunch boxes. These ones are great.

This is them in use.

We always carry wipes with us for sticky fingers and messy mouths (we have them with us anyway for cloth bum)

Our reusable straws and steel cups.

Ollie often wants a slushie, so we take these to be filled up!

As long as I am organised and have baked snacks/made lunch to take we can spend the day out completely plastic free!

This is all a work in progress and I am always finding more I can change….I will write further blog posts as I go….

What changes have you made recently?

What has been easy / difficult for you?

I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading 😊

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